Lens Implants for Near-Sightedness. 
It is now possible to implant lens inside eye to correct nearsightedness. Current treatment includes spectacles, contact lens and laser treatment. Intra-ocular lens can correct both near and farsightedness for corrections that may be too high amount for LASIK correction. Intra-ocular lens implants are more invasive, though, requiring major eye surgery. 

Virtual Reality Headsets are Becoming More Popular. 
Wearing these headsets will bring all the action to you by the use of goggles projecting real life videos that seem to make you part of action. As with any device that comes in contact with your face in and around the eyes, it is important that cleanliness is observed so as not to transfer infectious viruses and bacteria from user to user. 

PEARL Procedure: A New Technique for Correcting Vision. 
A procedure to correct vision using a corneal inlay has been improved. Previously and disc shaped piece of optical lens was inlaid into the cornea to correct high amounts of near or far sightedness but now a new technique  use a piece of host corneal tissue to replace the synthetic optical disc.

Marijuana: The Effect of Marijuana on Human Health Remains Unclear.
Other that the temporary intoxicating effect, many assertions have been made but remain unproven as yet. It is known that marijuana will decrease ocular pressures, which may help in glaucoma treatment but the effect lasts for only a few hours and availability is uncertain, depending on your location and cost can be greater than conventional drugs and of course, it is still considered illegal by the Federal government.